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Reviews  “All Present and Accounted For”

“The fast and furious pace of saving the ship had me reading the entire book in one setting.  Steve Craig has a knack for framing the story so that you feel the cold arctic wind blowing and the waves surging against the ship!”

Rear Admiral Scott McKinley, USCGR


“When you go to sea you are mostly on your own.  If you run into serious trouble, there are no first responders to get you out of it.  You either remedy the trouble or die.  The Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis and its crew was assailed by a sailor’s worst enemy—hellish foul weather.  The author makes you part of the crew pulling you into peril with them.  Your ship is sinking and being shoved toward a rocky Alaskan shore where it will break up, sending you into freezing seas where your chance of survival is nil.  Although human nature rises to heroic action in the worst situations, after reading this book you may never want to get on a ship again.”


CWO4 Paul C. Scotti USCG (Ret.)

Author: Coast Guard Action in Vietnam


 "I just read "ALL PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR". A book written by Captain Steve Craig about the near sinking of the USCGC Jarvis WHEC-725 in Alaska while on ALPAT. Not sure when it's release date is, but if you want a good read of real Coast Guard history, get it. Being ex-Coasties we all could see ourselves in this emergency and how we would do anything to save our ship. BZ Captain Steve. It will be in my personal library soon."

Mike Ray

Postmaster (Retired); RM2 - U.S. Coast Guard 1969-73

" CAPT Steve Craig has captured the core values of the Coast Guard: Honor in the explanation of our service, Respect for those who came before us and the challenge of each Coastguardsman to equal or exceed their accomplishments, and Devotion to Duty in the daily routine of being underway and the can-do-and-persevere attitude when faced with the challenge of saving their shipmates and the Jarvis. 



Admiral Steve Day, USCGR (Ret)



“Throughout history, the dedicated men and women of the United States Coast Guard have unselfishly risked their lives to save those in peril on the high seas around the world. Captain Craig has accurately captured the riveting, untold story of USCGC JARVIS and its crew, unexpectedly finding themselves on the brink of disaster in the treacherous, unforgiving waters of Alaska. His writing encompasses the raw emotion and desperation of the crew, as we fought to prevent the ship from sinking and the most certain death of all onboard. His book embodies the unwavering, heroic efforts of the crew to save JARVIS and themselves.”


Commander Richard G. Brunke, USCG (Ret)



“It is a fine piece of research and writing that should be required reading for anyone in a leadership position who is entrusted with ensuring the safe operations of a ship that operates in harm’s way.”


Rear Admiral Bobby Hollingsworth, USCG (Ret.)

Second Commanding Officer of the CGC Jarvis